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                                     Keynote Speaking

Dr.  Fuqua  has  been  a  keynote  speaker  for  various  events,  for  over  30  years.  She has  captured audiences  with  her  dynamic,  passionate  and  enthusiastic  way  getting  the  audience’s  attention, and  holding  on  to  it  with,  with  such  an  ease.  She  integrates  inspiration,  humor,  audience participation, and even a little singing. Every group she has spoken 
to has left with a life-changing impartation of knowledge and wisdom they can never forget. They tend to share their experience with others with great joy and delight.

 Dr. Muriel Fuqua can be your keynote speaker for almost any event.
•   Conferences                           2021 International Maxwell Conference -Stage Time Finalist - 
•   Graduations                                                                       
•   Faith Group Events                                         

•   Business Events                                                 
•   You name it!


Dr. Muriel Fuqua’s speakers’ fees generally are in three categories:
1. Keynote (Up to 90 minutes.)
2. 1/2 day. (Seminars, Workshops, & Other Events)
3. Full Day. (For full day seminars and also Emcee / Master of Ceremonies jobs.)
*These fees are discussed during individual consultations and are needs based.

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