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               Motivational Speaking

Sometimes, companies and faith groups need motivational speakers for a number of reasons. Your sales may be  hurting,  your  morale  may  be  low,  you may  be  facing  big  changes  that  could  negatively  impact  the employees’ or congregational working conditions. That’s where we can help. We may not fix your problem in 45-60  minutes,  but we  can  alter  attitudes  and  put  a  company  or faith  group  on  the  first  step  towards  a better situation.

•  From years of doing motivational speaking, Dr. Muriel Fuqua has…
•   Increased morale
•   Improved teamwork
•   Say what needs to be said, that the senior leaders might not be able to say
•  Dr. Muriel Fuqua’s speakers’ fees generally are in three categories:
•   Keynote (Up to 90 minutes.)
•   1/2 day. (Seminars, Workshops, & Other Events)
•   Full Day. (For full day seminars and also Emcee / Master of Ceremonies jobs.)
•   *These fees are discussed during individual consultations and are needs based.

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